Writing Instruction and Manuscript Consulting

Do you have a complete manuscript ready and would like feedback?  Are you revising a work-in-progress? Would you like to expand the idea for a novel, story, essay or memoir project?  Are you ready to contact agents and editors, or apply to an MFA program?  

For over a decade, I have helped writers take their work to the next stage in a variety of genres:   

                Fiction    -   Creative Non-Fiction    -   Analytical Research Papers    -   Essays

                         Professional Correspondence    -   Memoir    -    Poetry

Let's discuss your project!  Together, we can create a mindful path of focus and clarity that helps your writing shine.  

  • Manuscript Consulting

    • examine thorough editorial comments that focus on craft concerns such as pacing / plot, character development, active scenes, dialogue, flashback / backstory, psychic distance, authentic voice, narrative flow and style

    • discover how the component parts of your story comprise and support your Big Idea

  • Intensive Line Editing

    • receive comprehensive editorial feedback on each page of your manuscript, including a mindful examination of patterns and habits that can strengthen or may derail your work

  • All services include:

    • suggested exercises and / or readings

    • in-depth written feedback

    • personal conferences (either in person, on Skype, or by phone)

Mindfulness and Writing

Are you interested in mindfulness, but feel that quiet contemplation is not for you?  Great news: mindfulness is not just about chanting Om (unless that twists your topknot). As a life-long writer, meditator, and cancer survivor, I have discovered myriad methods that tap into the meaning behind mindfulness and creativity.  I've even invented mindfulness exercises of my own -- and you can, too! Once we become better acquainted, we'll develop a personalized mindfulness practice that will enhance your writing and your health.   

  • Mindfulness Instruction

    • tap into your body's natural desire to be well and explore the intuitive process that allows you to create

    • open your writing process to the power of mindfulness

    • learn meditative exercises that fit your individual style: contemplative, active, silent, spoken, indoor, outdoor, traditional, inventive - you name it!

    • receive a mind/body book thoughtfully chosen to enhance your mindfulness practice

    • go to Be Well Be Here for more information

Private Consultations by appointment are $180 / hr.

Please note: all payment supports the non-profit mindful wellness collaborative,

Be Well Be Here, where you can find writing workshops and small group events.



“…the most important application of mindfulness for a writer: Show up and get to work…and at the same time,
listen to where the writing wants to take you. Understand that the writing itself
will often provide far richer material than your logical, predictable mind.”
- Dinty W. Moore, The Mindful Writer