Mindfulness is more than meditation. 

It's the practice of being present in your life, and the essence of creative pursuits like writing.



WriteWellBeWell is a writing and mind/body educational consultancy whose mission is to teach people to express themselves mindfully. All proceeds from this work supports the collaborative non-profit mindful wellness space, Be Well Be Here, in Concord, MA.


Mindful Writing

Mindfulness practices allow you to access the heart of your writing project. Compassion for your own well-being translates to empathy for others, and this deeper understanding of the human condition is key to creating compelling narratives.  

Writing mindfully also happens to improve your health.  Concern about past experiences and future success fall away as you work with greater energy, clarity, and insight.  Whether you write fiction or non-fiction, memoir or poetry, mindfulness will boost your creativity and inspire you to become the best writer you can be!

Mindfulness is a flexible state of mind in which we are actively engaged in the present, noticing new things and sensitive to context.
— Ellen Langer, On Becoming an Artist: Reinventing Yourself through Mindful Creativity