Lara Wilson is the perfect teacher and writer to have at the head of the class or at your side. She's a rare combination of sheer intelligence and compassion, with an ability to reach inside a story to both tame and electrify its emotional threads. Her sense of pacing and insight, her encyclopedic knowledge of writers and their work, and her passion for both student and text make her a trustworthy guide. I go to Lara when I need someone to lay bare the faults in my manuscript without flinching, but also to inspire me enough to know that I can overcome them.    

                                                        - Michelle Hoover, author of Bottomland and The Quickening

Lara Wilson is a brilliant, sensitive reader and editor. Her inimitable talent, insight, kindness, and wisdom can help any piece of writing shine.

                                     - M.R., acclaimed author, Philadelphia

In the 4 years I’ve studied with Lara, she has helped immeasurably in improving my novel—its structure, the depth of my characters, the arc of my story. She does this with kindness, always couching her comments in encouragement. My writing gets better not just because of particular skills or concepts she teaches or her comprehensive edits, but also because she reassures my sometimes fragile writing ego by repeating,“You can do this—just keep writing.”
— Judy K, Master Fiction student and Technical Documentation Expert


Lara is more than fabulous - a great healer! I was most impressed with her meditation class, and I have done a lot of this work. First of all she was very soft, yet direct.  You could feel her sense of presence when she shared her own story and explained her daily practice.  She mixed things up and I was so happy to have her share some Qi gong!  Her breathing and visualization exercises were well-paced and again very gentle.  I could feel some of the effects the next day, which tells me she is right on.

                                           - S.G., mindfulness practitioner and teacher


Lara is an exceptionally gifted healer.  She has helped my twelve year-old son tremendously.  Lara uses mindfulness and many other strategies to work with my son, who had severe neurological complications as a result of a surgery.  He adores her and looks forward to her visits.  I can’t imagine that he would have been able to go through this without her.  

                                                        - Cambridge, MA mother and Harvard-trained psychotherapist

"Your help gave me the confidence to go for it."

- D.B., high school senior working on college essays